Vastly Improve Your Logitech MX620 for $0.75

Mod your Logitech MX620 on the cheap and get real improvements.  Completely Reversible.

My favorite mouse died today-  an older Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000. Office Depot's selection of mice presented me with a delimma.  I really liked the MX620's hand comfort compared to Microsoft's latest 6000 series mouse; but, what I didn't quite like was the feel during movement.  I may be delusional but the MS mouse seemed to be a tad heftier.  So I was presented with a problem; do I choose?- great to hold (MX620,) or great to move (MS6000.)  Well, I solved the problem to my liking.  It costs exactly $0.75 and is completely reversible. 

Step 1: Get Some Change.

This is the easy part, in fact all parts are ridiculously simple.  Find three US quarters, and tape them together.  I used two layers of Scotch tape. Be sure to cover all sides- you don't want a short.

Step 2: Shove Quarters Into Mouse.

Take your little quarter bundle and place it in the battery compartment.  Press them firmly but gently towards the front of the mouse.  The quarters will fit quite snugly and will not rattle around.

Step 3:

Replace the battery cover.  Enjoy your mouse.  The best part- if it sucks, you get your $0.75 back, the tape on the other hand, probably can't be reused.  Up to you. You may try two quarters and just throw on a few extra layers of tape.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure you know there's certain gaming mice that use different weights to make the balance of the mouse user-adjustable. This is a really cool idea that I never thought of, and I game all the time. Used to have a lightweight Logitech wireless this would have been perfect for. Simple and effective. Great Instructable!

    Try it. My old Microsoft mouse that died had a good hefty feel to it.  The Logitech felt like I was going to throw the damn thing across the desk every time I used it.  With the addition of a little weight, I think it is more accurate and comfortable.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Had to replace the mouse batteries today.  Noticed the $0.75.  Thought- I'll try the mouse again without my little mod.  Sure enough, didn't like it.  Replaced the little stack of taped quarters- now all is good.  How sad is it that I had forgotten my first instructable?  Shame....


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Get some electrical tape.  It's stretchy, so it will fit snuggly, and you know it will insulate the quarters.  Just my 2 cents.  Pun intended.

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    True, it is thicker than regular tape, but since it would definitely be safer, I think I'd "stick" with it.  Again, Pun intended.