Vattey Machine

Introduction: Vattey Machine

About: This is a collection of projects made by students at the Liger Learning Center. We are a learning facility which provides a 21st century education to gifted and talented students from around Cambodia.

We need strong box from card board.

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Step 1: Building Machines

Than we make the hole and put the stick in the hole.

Step 2: Make Machines

Than we drew any shape you want and than we make the hole for put on the stick and put the hot glue on it and make the hole on the top and put the straw to make it strong.

Step 3: Make Machines on the Top

We need to drew any shape you want than we can stick it together with the small stick and put it in the straw that we put on the top.

Step 4: Make the Picture on the Top

Now we start to do the picture first we need to have the card board tube to do the body and drew the head on the card board and we need some cloth to put on they body and we need the balloons to put on they heads than we need to stick on the small stick on the top.

Step 5: Make the Lever and the Handle

First, we need to drew a rectangle shape than we stick it together and put the hot glue to stick on the big stick.

Step 6: Paint Machines

First, we need to thing about what color do you want to paint on that side what color do you want to paint on this side than we need to glue white paper on your machines than we need to mix the color did we need than we start to paint on it when we paint out side finish we need to paint in side too when we pain finish all we need to Waite for paint is dry than we do finnish all.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I think these dolls are very clever. I would like to see them move. Can you make a video?