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Introduction: Vault Lense - GoPro Guardian

This is the Vault Lens.

Most RC / mini quad pilots know the state of agitation that comes up when you are flying your expensive go pro exposed on your mini quad ripping along 30cm over the ground or 40m up in the air.

Because at least I know this feeling very well I designed the Vault Lens. It will effectively protect your Gopro Lens from scratches and crashes without the 40$ prize tag that manufacturers charge.

You can find all necessary files on thingiverse:

Step 1: Sourcing Materials

When it comes to lens protection on a mini quad it is certainly necessary to change the protective glass quiet often. Paying 10$ or more everytime the glass gets scratched pretty bad can get very expensive sooner or later.

For the Vault Lens you can make your own choice and decide on your own what type of protective glass you want. Generic plexi glass is more than sufficient but you can get creative and source your protection glass from somewhere else. I have also tested the following method with a cd case and also with the clear dome that belongs to the gopro hero packaging. You will also need the following materials and tools.

Step 2: Cutting the Protection Glass

Start by taking the cutting template and lay it flat on your clear plastic. Mark the outline of the template.

Now take your ruler as a guidance for score cutting the plastic. Be patient score it 20-30 times than break it over an edge. Repeat this process for all sides. If it is not working the first try, just be patient and go on until you get the hang of it.

Step 3: Cutting the Double Sided Tape

To get the right sized piece of double sided tape just take the template and outline all the outer lines and also the inner circle.

I used another piece of the tape as underlay. You can make your markings without worrying about the tape sticking to anything.

Step 4:

Now take a really sharp razorblade and carefully cut along all the lines.

Use the ruler for straight lines and sharp edges. The next step is to peel off the inner circle. Then peel off the outer frame.

Step 5: Finishing the Vault Lens

Now put the double sided tape on the Vault lens. Make sure everything aligns very good. Cut off any excess.

Peel off the protective layer and place your cutted glass on top. Press down firmly.

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