Vegan Cheesecake- the Musical Bake!


Introduction: Vegan Cheesecake- the Musical Bake!

Every so often I get inspired by life, by music and by food! This time it is all three. With the increase in awareness of what we eat and where it comes from Sainsburys supermarket brought out their range of vegan cheeses. Made from coconut and soy, these gorgeous "cheeses" (or, Gary) taste like the real thing. Especially their vegan soft cheese.

After my previous incantation of Frozens- Let it Go with an Oreo Cheesecake twist, I decided to recreate the Disney Theme by taking their other classic- Do you wanna build a Snowman.

Now, I present to you- Do you want a Vegan Cheesecake? The musical instructional video.

The link to the recipe is below- but grab your ingredients first.

700g Oreos* (biscuit only, keep the filling) | 100g Vegan butter | 100g Vegetable shortening


800g Vegan Soft Cheese (Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From is what I used) | 200g Caster Sugar | 4 tbsp Plain Flour | 1 tbsp cider vinegar | 2 tsp vanilla extract | 7g/I sachet- Veggie Jelly Powder/Agar powder


Oreo Filling (left over from making your base) | 30-50g coconut oil | Extra Oreos

METHOD- link below

There is some debate as to whether Oreos have been tainted by the factory- so my advice would be- use a different biscuit. I had a theme going.

Thank you

See you soon


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    HOLY *%$@ THIS IS THE BEST INSTRUCTABLE EVAR!!! Dude, really, that video had my laughing a ton. Plus, you actually have a really good voice!!! Really really really good work! I'm a vegan too, so you are like my FAVORITE guy on Instructables now. It's just what I love! I like doing theatre (Singing, acting, dancing, ect.) and I'm a vegan! I can't give you enough praise. Great job.

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    If I actually knew how to cook like a real person, I would make this. But alas, I'm 13 and am not a very good cook. Great work. (Again)

    hey!! thank you, thats so kind of you to say. I use iMovie to make everything. I have since discovered greenscreen (its a sheet... haha) so it sometimes gets wild!

    People like you are why I love art!! Teaching to be creative in the kitchen ,all the while making it healthy. I will be making this for my Grandaughter and watching the video. Hur-rah!!! J

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    thank you! let me know what you think. Just a tip, the oreo casing may sag slightly on the first bake, so be sure to use baking beans to hold its shape, it holds shape completely for the second baking with the cheese filling.

    Hilarious... :)

    Related recipe:

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    Thank you, oooh, another recipe, I am excited. I love a Blintz.

    Cheesecake is Sacred. This is an abomination to all of it's glory, Pure Sacrilege.

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    don't worry, there is an original version here