Vegan Chocolate "Milkshake"

Tired of vegan recipes that call for exotic ingredients? No problem! With just a few simple things you probably have around the house, you should be able to make a simple and delicious vegan chocolate "milkshake!"

You'll need:


2 bananas

2 Tab sugar

3 Tab cocoa (organic or Fair Trade)

soymilk (1 cup or more, depending on how thick you like your shake)

--or you may substitute cold water or another nondairy milk


Food processor or blender

Step 1: Freeze the Bananas

Peel bananas, place in a ziploc baggie, and place in freezer. I usually freeze them at night if I want a "milkshake" with my breakfast in the morning.

Step 2: Blend Together the Frozen Bananas, Sugar, and Cocoa.

I usually like to put in the frozen bananas first, then add the sugar and cocoa on top. I prefer to use the food processor instead of a blender, because it's easy to get the bananas to blend smoothly.

If using a blender, you can stop every so often, unplug, and use a spoon to scoop up what sticks to the bottom, and push down the parts that still need to blend. Then replug the blender in, and blend until everything is mixed evenly.This gets very thick.

Step 3: Add Soymilk (or Whatever Liquid You Choose).

While blending, add soymilk (or whatever liquid you choose), until shake reaches desired thickness.

Step 4: Pour Into a Glass, Drink, and Relish the Chocolaty Goodness!




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    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I always have a hard time finding good vegan treat recipes.