Vegan Mayonnaise

Well this is super simple and easy Mayonnaise recipe. For making this Mayonnaise I'm referring to my own recipe . This recipe uses Aquafaba, which is basically Chickpea water. You can refer above recipe to know how to make Aquafaba by your own.

Step 1: Ingredients

1) Auqafaba 3 T

2) Mustard 1/2 t (ground or sauce)

3) Garlic Powder 1/2 t

4) Salt 1/2 t (if Aquafaba itself has salt then 1/4 t)

5) Lemon Juice / White Vinegar 1 T

6) Ground Pepper 1/2 t

7) Powdered Sugar 1 T

8) Olive Oil 1 C

T : Table Spoon
t : Tea Spoon
C : Cup

Step 2: Whip It

- So to start with I used a glass jar in which I was supposed to store the Mayo. So no need to transfer it once it is made. I used an electric hand blender with whip attachment. The blender I have takes in 2 whip blades, but I just used one so that I can directly make the mayo in the jar. The Auqafaba I used, was the one remaining and stored in deep freezer from my previous recipe .

- Firstly add all ingredients except olive oil in the jar, and mix it with blender for few seconds.

- Then while the blender on medium, start dripping the olive oil very slowly.

- Keep whipping for 5-10 mins. It will get thicker.

- Your done, super simple, isn't it.

- You can store it in refrigerator for around 2 weeks. In refrigerator it will get more thick, so if by whipping you are not getting the desired consistency, then keep your mayo in fridge and all will be fine.

Note: If you want to make eggless mayo, just replace auqafaba with equal amount of milk powder and little bit of water.



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