Vegan, No-bake Chocolate Cake

Introduction: Vegan, No-bake Chocolate Cake

This is a super simple recipe, friendly for all, perfect for chocolate cravings on hot summer days!

One bowl, no-bake, vegan, egg free, milk free, modification available for nut free, alcohol free, super-fast ganache style cake recipe. Its also very kid friendly.

Step 1: Ingredients


(yes, there is more stuff in the picture than I used)

Golden flax seed (or eggs or another egg substitute to keep it vegan)


Cocoa powder


Olive oil

Peanut Butter

(Olive oil and peanut butter can be replaced with butter or butter substitute if you have nut allergies)


Vanilla (or vanilla substitute to keep it alcohol free)


You will also need a mixing bowl, a teaspoon and tablespoon, and a cup measure. All my measurements are approximate since I did not have any measuring utensils, but this is a fairly forgiving recipe. If you need the “batter” to be smoother, add a little more oil. If you want it to be a little dryer, you can add a bit more flax seed at the end. The order of instructions is listen in order to make it so you don’t need to wash materials in-between.

Step 2: Make Batter

The order of instructions is listen in order to make it so you don’t need to wash materials in-between.

Mix 2.5 tablespoons water to 1 table spoon flax seed in a bowl and let sit for 5 minutes.

Add a teaspoon of vanilla.

Add half a cup of white sugar.

Add ¾ of a cup cocoa powder.

Add ¼ cup of peanut butter. (I used my table spoon to scoop)

Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Mix all the ingredients well, and then place in a container (or leave it in the bowl) to set. Ideally, let it chill in the refrigerator. It’s ready to eat as soon as you are! The taste is like fresh ganache or chocolate cake batter, very rich and decadent.

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    Nice. Do you have any pictures of the process. That really helps people follow along and make sure each step comes out right.