Vegan Peach-Basil Ice Cream

It's Summer and who doesn't love a frozen dessert on a sultry evening? This vegan ice cream is delicious and couldn't be easier to make.  

Step 1: Here's What You Need

You need:
 Two 14oz cans of coconut milk (I used lower fat, and got a texture more like ice milk.  Use the full-fat versions to get a richer finished product.)
3/4 cup of sugar
one bunch of basil
1 cup of peaches (about 4 halves, if using jarred)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Ice cream freezer

Step 2: Getting It Started

Put coconut milk and sugar in the blender and blend for 30 seconds.

Add peaches and vanilla, pulse to break up the peaches.  Bruise the basil by whacking it with the back of a knife and put that in the blender to steep.  Place in the fridge to steep for  at least 30 minutes, or up to a few hours before you're ready to put it into the machine. 

Step 3: Freeze!

Remove it from the fridge, remove basil, and taste.  The basil taste will be subtle, but if you want a stronger flavor (like I did) tear several leave and put them back in before you put the mixture into the ice cream freezer.  

Freeze mixture according to the machine's directions.  When you have soft frozen ice cream, transfer to small containers to freeze to desired firmness.  I used small cardboard loaf pans lined with plastic wrap.  

Step 4: Yum!

Once it's frozen to the consistency you like, scoop it out and enjoy!

This would also be good with strawberry and mint,  or mango and basil or mint.  If you make a variation and like it, share it in the comments below. 




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