Vegan Whipped Cream Using Coconut Milk (Dairy-Free)




Learn how to make whipped cream from fresh coconut milk. An excellent topping for vegan, dairy-free dessert and Paleo diet (omit sugar)

I am using coconut milk extracted from fresh mature coconut to make this vegan whipped cream. Coconut milk will separate when you let it sits undisturbed, fat rises to top and solidify, water stays at the bottom.

Note: Most canned coconut milk will not separate because emulsifier or stabilizer are added.

You need:

  • 2 fresh matured coconuts
  • 2-3 cups water
  • 3 tbsps powdered sugar/icing sugar (optional)

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Step 1: How-to Video

Click to Watch Video Instructions

Step 2: Remove Coconut Flesh From Shell

  1. Split open coconut and break info small pieces.
  2. Remove coconut flesh from the hard shell.
  3. Remove skin from coconut flesh (optional, read note below)
  4. Cut into small pieces

Note: Remove the skin from coconut flesh if you want to use the pulp to make coconut flour later.

Watch how-to video in step one for detail instructions

Step 3: Extract Coconut Milk

  1. Add water and coconut flesh into a blender, process using highest speed until fine.
  2. Squeeze out coconut milk from the mixture using a cheese cloth or nut milk bag.
  3. Refrigerate the milk overnight. Fat will separate, rises to top and solidify leaving water at the bottom.

Watch how-to video in step one for detail instructions

Step 4: Whip Cream

  1. Gently scoop out the harden cream on top.
  2. Lightly whipped the cream in a chilled mixing bowl. Add in powdered sugar (optional) and continue whip to firm or stiff peak.

Watch how-to video in step one for detail instructions

Step 5: Enjoy

Serve and enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    Good video, but please don't waste the coconut water by letting it run down a drain!