Vegan Whipped Cream




Introduction: Vegan Whipped Cream

This is pretty simple, just take egg whites from those chicken who eat only vegan food ;) and whip it. haha Just KIDDING. We will make this super simple recipe using Chick...Pea. Yes chickpeas(garbanzo), you read it rite. Not exactly chickpea, but its water.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Chickpeas - 1 Cup

Water - 3-4 Cups

Castor/Powdered Sugar - 3 Tbsp

Vanilla Essence/Extract - few drops (can use any flavor/color)

Pressure cooker / Deep pan

Electric Hand Blender with whipping attachment

Glass bowl

Stopwatch Timer (optional but better)

Step 2: Making the Chickpea Water

You can skip this step if you find non salted can of Chickpea. Making it fresh is better though.

  • First take the chickpeas, wash if necessary and soak them overnight (around 8-9 hours) in 3-4 cups of water.
  • After 8-9 hours, discard the water in which the chickpeas were soaked. Add the soaked chickpeas in pressure cooker/deep pan, add in 3-4 cups of water. Pressure cooker will make the process little bit fast.
  • Now put the cooker/pan on medium high flame. When using cooker make it whistle for 8-9 times and then put the flame on low for 10 minutes. When cooking on pan keep it covered and check every 10 minutes or so to check if the peas are cooked by pressing a pea with two fingers. If the peas are easily pressed, they are cooked.
  • Keep the peas in cooker/pan for cooling for around an hour.
  • Then strain the water in a bowl, this strained water is chickpea water AKA AQUAFABA.
  • This auqafaba should be little thick in nature, if it is like water then you can simmer it down a bit. Mine is little more thicker (as in pic) as I put it in fridge for few hours as I didn't had the time to make it then.
  • Bring it at room temperature, you can store this in deep freezer for later use in an ice tray.

For those using the canned chickpeas, just strain the water and skip to next step.

Step 3: Whip Me Baby

Now straight to whipping. This whipping process nearly takes approx 15 minutes.

  • Add 3 Tbsp of Sugar and 3 Tbsp of Auqafaba in a glass bowl.
  • The blender I have has 5 levels of speed, so I started with lowest speed to start whipping the mix.
  • Start your timer, every 2 min increase your speed.
  • After around 4 min add color/flavor to your mix.
  • I had to give my blender a rest as it was super warm after 10 min
  • Continue blending increasing speed every 2 min. And blend the remaining time on full.
  • After 16 min I could see the desired consistency. It was so light, fluffy that it did not even fall from the bowl if I hold it upside down.

Step 4: Usage and Things

Making this was real fun. It was so light, fluffy and melted in mouth like any thing. Plus fat free, animal free, chemicals free (if using organic chickpeas). My mom could not believe when she tasted this that this was not made from cream/egg but made from chickpea

  • When I strained the Aquafaba it had a bit of chickpea's smell, but after the whip it was totally neutral in taste.
  • Now this has to be used immediately with in few hours. I tried to store it once in fridge but it went bubbly and watery. Though you can store the Aquafaba in deep freezer for later use.
  • You can experiment to use any stabilizer like cream of tar tar, agar agar or gelatin in making this cream and see if it can be stored more.
  • You can use the Auqafaba to even make mayonnaise or as any other egg white substitute.
  • This cream can directly be used to make meringue/macroons or used as frosting for cake/muffins etc.
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    3 years ago

    Cool, I first heard of using this as a vegan meringue as it bakes up similarly.


    Reply 3 years ago

    yes, I personally have not tried it though. Will check it out someday.