Vegas Showgirl W Cape

I purchased the awesome Headpiece from Glamour Planet in Vegas. I made the rest of the costume.
A bustier, bikini bottoms and satin cape trimmed with feather boas.

I LOVE this costume, and plan to get a lot of use out of it!

I can even wear it with my costume vampire teeth make it more wicked.

1st I purchased a high quality bustier the fit perfectly. DO NOT GET SOMETHING CHEAP! You are going to be puttingsome effort into this and you do not want the foundation piece to be ill fitting or of poor quality. ITs easy to do, and fun too!

I bought a pair of white bikini bottoms on clearance the had wide sides. I would like to make a higher cut pair that tuck under the bustier better. Even thongs or Brazillian back like the real showgirls wear.

I purchased fabric that i call DISCO DOTS. It is irridescent and looks like rhinestones at a distance, Its a little difficult to work with because of the glue used to adhere the dots to the lightweight fabric. that is why I decided to do it all by hand, and it was not hard to do so,

I began with the bustier. Cutting the pieces and hand sewing them to the garment. I cut fabric pieces to follow the lines of the bustier and had a seam on each boned seam of the bustier. for the cups I cut rounded or curved pieces and pinned all in place. Then I attached 2 more cuts of fabric to the bikini bottoms, Be sure to stretch the garment as you sew on to it.

Because the back was not completely covered with fabric, and I have a little but of an issue w my butt. i decided to make a satin cape. Super easy. I got 2 yards of fabric and simply gathered the top end with cotton bias tape. I then attached one loop of elastic that went under booth of my arms, and added feather boas to cover the straps of bare elastic. I also added a few strands of sequined trim.

I made a choker and matching wrist cuffs with purchased super wide white elastic. As I sewed all this by hand I wanted to keep it simple. I added the fabric to the pieces of elastic and sewed on velcro closures that are the full width of the elastic. Its going to be personal preference as to how wide you get. As you can see in the doorway photo the collar is pretty wide.

My then bought a pair of DANSKIN nude fishnet tights. They last FOREVER, about $24.00 and a pair of CLEAR platform stripped shoes with ankle straps, I can actually wear them for about 4 hours at a time. I bought a pair of Satin Stretch gloves to top off my look.

The headpiece I did not make, I did pay for it, and I love it. Its an amazing piece of work.,

If you have a hard time finding the fabric you like, you can always canabalize a thrift store gown. I find the beaded 80;s ones work really well to!

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    Wow....I apologize for the major delay in reading this. I am updating my profile and just realized there were comments. I am revamping this entire costume this year for Vegas Halloween Events so I will be doing something new. I will post fotos of the revamped version,.

    Thank You for the compliment. No, sadly I did this alone and did nt think to photograph my step by step process. I will do for future projects.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Gorgeous! One of my classmates made a showgirl headpiece once. It was an amazing feat of architecture and piano wire. Quite the thing.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You! I want to try to make one thats ridiculously tall, but I do need to learn some engineering skills first!