Vegetable Salad: Low Calorie !!

Introduction: Vegetable Salad: Low Calorie !!

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A salad is a great way to watch your calories and supply your body with fiber and vitamins. A salad's calories will be dependent on what you put in the salad.

Building a better salad starts with the salad's foundation: the greens. Greens are low in calories and deliver high doses of vitamins. The darker the leaves are, the more vitamins and minerals they have. 

When choosing your vegetables, make your salad as colorful as possible. Each color (green, red, yellow, orange, purple) represents a different assortment of beneficial nutrients. Also, raw veggies are low in calories, so feel free to load up on them.

Many times a healthy salad turns into a not-so-healthy one because of the salad dressing. For your dressing use low calorie and measure what you use to get an accurate count.

Stay away from bacon bits, cheese and croutons as these really pack on the calories.

I was never a very big salad fan but suddenly one day my weighing scale told me i needed to include that as a part of my diet. Just one big bowl with my regular meal showed me the difference in just 2 weeks. It help me stay full & besides its low calorie...Its an
"anytime" meal for me now and hence began the process of experimentation.

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Step 1: Ingredients & Supplies !

Ingredients :

1nos.      Medium Cucumber
1nos.      Small Onion
1/2           Beetroot
1/2           Bell pepper
1/2 Bowl Corn kernels
3-4           Medium lettuce leaves
3 Tsp       Green & Black Olives ( Sliced or Whole)
1/2 Bowl Skimmed / Fat free Yogurt or Laban   ( Skimmed is optional. Full fat or Low fat Yogurt can also be used)          
                 Salt & Pepper

Note: All the above ingredients are low cal & rich is fiber.Hence, the quantity of ingredients can always be increased or decreased as per favorites or need. 


Just the basic is needed.

Chopping Board
Microwave Oven/ Cooking stove

Step 2: Time to Go Chopping !!

Remove the knife & your chopping board and attack....

Onions , Cucumber & Bell pepper into small to medium size pieces.

Lettuce leaves can be broken with hand into small pieces.

Rinse your olives, if needed.

Dump it all into your favorite bowl. 

Step 3: Beetroot & Corn Kernels Need Steaming.

If you are using a cooking stove, Steam the Corn & Beetroot. Once done, Chop the beet & add it to your bowl.

Well, I prefer to use the microwave. Chop your beetroot and add it to your corn along with water.  I have the option of fresh vegetables on my micro, but 2 min high should do the job. Once this is done, add it to your bowl. ( dont throw away the will b lovely reddish color.. add salt & fresh pepper and is high in nutrition)

Step 4: Mix It Up !!

Mix it all up.

Add salt, pepper & lemon. Go munching.

Step 5: Add Skimmed Yogurt !

Add skimmed yogurt or laban to your salad as a dressing & Mix. It is a tastier & a healthier option than most other dressings readily available. 

The color turns into a beautiful reddish. Add salt & fresh pepper if u have not already added it earlier. Skip the lemon in the earlier step if yogurt is being added.

note: In case of storage, Hold off adding salt & pepper till you actually ready to have.

Eat Healthy & Stat fit. Njoi !

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