Vegetable and Egg Soup


Introduction: Vegetable and Egg Soup

hello guys, today i'll show you the steps how to make a vegetable soup from a cheap ingredients.


  1. 1 cabbage
  2. 3 carrots
  3. some snaps
  4. 4 potatoes
  5. 1 garlic
  6. 4 shallots
  7. masako 1 pcs
  8. salt (2 spoon)
  9. water
  10. 2 eggs
  11. pepper

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Step 1: Slicing the Ingredients

first, slice the cabbage,3 carrot,some snaps,and potatoes. the second is, slice the garlic and shallots and saparate them from the cabbages,carrots,snaps,and potatoes.just like from the picture above

Step 2: Boiling

next,pour the water into the pot next,put the sliced potatoes and carrots into the pot that filled with water and then boil them.then, put the masako into the boiled water on the pot. after that, put some pepper into the pot.

Step 3: Filling With Eggs and Pureed Ingredients

while waiting, puree the garlic and salt.and shake the eggs in a bowl. when the water is boiling, put the garlic and the eggs into the boiled potatoes and carrots. after that, put the sliced cabbages and snaps into the pot.

Step 4: Final

finally, put the soup on a bowl and the soup is ready to served.

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