Vegetable Boxes Recyled Wood Stackable Happy Eating




Introduction: Vegetable Boxes Recyled Wood Stackable Happy Eating

Veggie Boxes
 from Recycled packing crate
Danny, a friend of mine, saw some shallow trays I had made and asked if I would make him some vegetable  to go in his kitchen. He said he wanted something that would grow old gracefully and four of them. These photos show the answer. The kitchen was neat and Spartan in nature so something that met with a desire for minimalism but out of recycled materials (yes the planks came from a crate in which an engineering company had had some beta testing parts delivered. Well I could go on about the pallet dismantling bar which took them apart but you would think that it was advertising (message me)). It was a coin flip between my bathroom floor or veggie boxes and veggies won because I like carpet big thick carpet.

How complicated can a box get? Here we go...

4x stackable,
little air gaps,
hand holds,
small enough to lift and use by all,
elegant proportions,
one plank per box,
no finish other than a light sand and de-splinter,
age gracefully.
One happy recipient.

Tools. I used a 10’ circular saw fine toothed, A work bench and rigged a jig on the vise to cut to length. A hammer even for panel pins I use my trusty 16 oz roof/floor hammer. Square. A random orbital sander.
A hand saw, big one for speed.
Galvanised (hot dip) panel pins.
Glue, waterproof  PVA (test it there is some rubbish out there, bought some myself  which I clamped up left to itself for a couple of days declamped and fell apart in my hands my. Good quality plastering suppliers do buckets of WP pva. I really enjoyed revisiting making a box we take the form for granted and actually they can be more than our first thought. Think I am going to make a few more now. Look out next week.. Bye for now.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. Danny liked them too. I tend to swerve betweeen green and minimal