Veggies on Wheels




My project have several targets that I want to achieve:

As my flat is just below the roof of the building, I have a lot of energy losses in winter & summer, and I wish to minimize it creating a vegetal cover, this cover should be created using cheap materials and upcicling some of them if is possible. My project should be removable,movable and by the way it should bring me some rewards.

With these premises I created 'Veggies on Wheels' ,A eco vegetable garden that cover my roof preventing energy losses using upcicled materials .

Now, my soul, my pocket and my stomach are in peace ;-)

What do you need:

an used tire

a plastic coated bag

some paint

good soil


Step 1: Upcicling a Used Tire

In this step I painted the tire to avoid a excesive temperature mainly in summer and to improve the visual impact, I used white paint, but if you are an artist you have the opportunity to create a good-looking desing.

I cutted a part of an IKEA bag to cover the orifice in the bottom part. To facilitate the transport I add a pair of nances in the external part of the tire (see next photo)

Step 2: .. Forget the Tire... Now You Have a Flowerpot

Fill the flowerpot with good soil, the quality of the soil is the key for a good result, in my project I have the idea to practice the 'permacultura' that means rotate the family of the plants to reduce the use of fertilizer and avoid plagues.

Start filling the part where was the air when you flowerpot was a tire, in this way the plastic could support the weight of the soil in the central part.

When the internal part of the flowerpot is filled you can start to fill the central part, in this part you can consider to put some round stones, sand, volcanic soil or whatever to prevent water accumulation in case of a continuous rain.

When the flowerpot is totally full you can make some small holes in the plastic to facilitate the drain.

To improve the correct develope of the plant is better not push the soil, keeping it more spongy.

Step 3: Plant Your Plants

Now you are ready to plant whatever you want, but don't forget that an excesive number of plants could be problematic when these plants grow and grow, respect the distance and have in mind that your plants have a limitated space for his roots, in the pictures you can see my distribution.

If you have planned to plant trees or tubercles you can put one flowerpot over the other, in this case, please reconsider the steep 1 and don't use plastic cover in the upper flowerpot.

Step 4: Wait and Enjoy.....

Now you only have to wait the time to see how your plants grow and grow until they are ready to be eated.

In my case I planted, lettuces, spinach, cabbagges, brocoli , beans and strowberries , some lettuces have been tasted with a good result the other ones coming soon will be ready.

Regarding the other targets, ten tires by the moment has been upcicled , the aspect of my roof has improved and coming soon I will evaluate if the temperature in my flat will be more stable altough in summer usually is hot.

Some sub-projects are:

Include an automatic irrigating system

cover the mainly part of the roof

improve the colour design

plant another types of plants (tomatoes, green beans, water mellons,..)

let's see ;-)



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9 Discussions


2 years ago

u can cut off the top rim to get more planting space pretty easy. :D I thread 2 short rope with ends tied to use as handle to more the thing.

3 replies
Uncle Kudzumzungu

Reply 2 years ago

Are the the steel plies difficult to cut? It's hard to find tires that aren't steel ply nowadays. The rope handles are a good idea.

mzunguUncle Kudzu

Reply 2 years ago

A sharp box cutter will easily do it for the sidewalls.


Reply 2 years ago

Hi mzungu, thanks for your comment. In my concept, have a part of soil covered and protected is good, plant density also depends the quantity of soil, maybe planting more plants they have not enough food :-) Regarding the rope, I used the Ikea's bag handle


Reply 2 years ago

good idea!!! Now i only need a cat :-) thanks for your comment


2 years ago

As I understand it, tires are full of all kinds of nasty stuff that can leach into your growing soil, and then into your veggies. Just something to think about.

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

I recognize that this was my first thought, but unfortunately for the nature the tyres are not easy to degradate, then the quantity of stuff that can be transmited to the soil and after to the plant and later to me, could be inapreciable, or not more dangerous than smoke... :-)
In other hand are you sure that the veggies in the market have no any kind of nasty stuff? Nevertheless thanks a lot for the advice, for your comment and for take care of my health :-).

If you don't want plant veggies you can plant grass, flowers or whatever you want, this is only a proposal.


2 years ago

Looks like your vegetables like growing in old tires!! :)