Vegvisír Light Fixture

Introduction: Vegvisír Light Fixture

Vegvisir (see the way) is the Viking "compass". A protection rune, derived from Ægishjálmr - the helmet of Awe - the most popular protection symbol of the Viking era.

Vegvisir has the power to protect people traveling through unknown waters, and should be drawn with their own blood on a piece of leather. Before leaving for the journeys, it must be pressed in the forehead, between the eyes, so that the traveler does not get lost in its way.

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Step 1: The Assembly.

To make this lamp it is necessary to choose the type of material to be used.
The material chosen was the MDF. Afterwards, we choose the design that we want it to have, so that it is leaked and the light passes through it. This drawing is done in AutoCad. We transformed this file from the DWG drawing into DXF, so we could cut it in the laser cutter. From the cuts, we get our pieces and we can proceed to step two: the assembly.

Step 2: Electrical Part

After assembling the pieces as the DWG design shows with their fittings, it is necessary to choose the materials that will integrate the electrical part that will operate the luminaire.

Wires / Bifios, lamp, disjuntor, are at the choice of who is making the lamp, seeking more affordable prices.

Step 3: Done!

Done, your lamp is ready. Plug in the outlet and enjoy the designs created on the wall by it.

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    2 years ago

    this is not really an instructable, is it?
    it does not even show a picture of the lamp?

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool design. Do you have any pictures of it installed and in use?