Vehicle Tracking System Based on GPS and GSM

Hello Friends, This is Anto. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a vehicle tracking system using GPS and arduino. Arduino-based vehicle tracking system using global positioning system (GPS) and global system using GSM modules. GSM modem with a SIM card used here uses for the communication technique. The system can be installed or hidden in your vehicle. After installing this circuit, you can easily track your stolen vehicle using a mobile phone. you can also use this application to track the school/college bus.


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Materials Required:-

Arduino UNO - 1 x 1

GSM sim800/900 module - 1 x 1

NEO GPS 6M - 1 x 1

16 x 2 LCD - 1 x 1

LCD Breakout Board -1 x 1

Jumpers - as needed

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Step 1: Connect the TX and RX Pin of the GPS to D3 and D4

I have used software serial for communicating with GPS. so connect the connect the TX of the gps to D4 of the arduino board. RX to D3 of the arduino board.

Connect the TX and RX of the GSM module to the RX and TX of the arduino board

Step 2: Connect the LCD to the D8 to D13 of the Arduino Board

i strongly recommend to buy a LCD breakout board to connect the LCD.

LCD - Arduino

RS - D13,

EN - D12,

D4 - D11,

D5 - D10,

D6 - D9,

D7 - D8

Step 3: Add Tiny GPS Library

Add tiny gps library before making the code.

download the library from the website, add through add zip to library, browse it and add it.

Step 4: Download the Arduino Code From the Attachment

Note: before downloading, change the mobile number to receive the SMS.

Step 5: Type "TRACK VEHICLE" to the Sim on the Sim Module

Switch ON the hardware. Download the code. check the Network range on the GSM module with the blinking of the network led.

Type "TRACK VEHICLE" as SMS and send to the sim module in the GSM Modem.

Step 6: You Can Receive the Response SMS From GSM Module

Now you can receive the GPS co-ordinates as SMS. The sms consist of web link which will redirect to the GOOGLE MAP

Step 7: Click the Weblink to Track the Vehicle

Finally you can track the vehicle in the google map.. Enjoy... for queries.. comment

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