Velcro Bandoliers

Introduction: Velcro Bandoliers

Here's a new spin on bandoliers, the signature throw of Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus. For 2015, we are introducing velcro bandoliers. The bandolier straps have velcro strips to which bandolier blocks, also with velcro strips, can be attached.

Parade members can distribute blank bandoliers or blocks (or both!) and parade goers can mix, match, beg, and barter to collect a complete bandolier!

Supplies needed:

  • Faux fur for back strap
  • Jute upholstery strapping or other fabric for front strap
  • Industrial strength adhesive velcro (this, for example)
  • Decorated bandolier blocks (approx. 3.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stapler and staples

Remember! There are no strict rules on how make bandoliers but these suggestions will produce a nice result and will allow parade goers to collect blocks from any subkrewe that will fit on their bandolier.

OK, there is one rule. For those of you who are winging it and are just here to find out about which velcro goes on which component:

  • the soft (furry) velcro goes on the fabric strap
  • the hard (scratchy) velcro goes on the wood blocks

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Step 1: Watch the Video

Before you dig into making a velcro bandolier, please watch EPISODE XLII: The Bandolier Secret for a complete tutorial on how to make standard bandoliers. Refer to this especially for info on how to connect the faux fur to the front strap, as well as how to make and decorate the blocks.

Step 2: Cut the Fur and the Strap

To construct a bandolier base, you need a faux fur fabric back and a front strap. The front strap can be any fabric, but jute upholstery strapping works well due to its color, texture, and width (approximately 3 1/2 inches). Both back fur and front strap should be equal in length. You can experiment with lengths, but 36 inches works well as a starting point.

The faux fur should be a little wider (1-2 inches) than the front strap fabric. (So, 4.5 inches by 36 inches, for example.)

Measure and mark the wrong side of the fur. A Sharpie works well for this.

It's important to also cut the fur on the wrong side. To minimize choppy edges and mess, try to slide the scissors through the fabric rather than cutting the fabric.

You will want to cut faux fur in a place that's easily vacuumed, or even outside. Faux fur is almost as bad as glitter once it gets into your house. (And you know what they say about glitter.)

If you are using upholstery strapping or some other fabric that is already cut to width, measure out lengths to approximately match your fur pieces. If you are using jute, you will want to work with sharp scissors! If you are not using strapping or other fabric that is already cut to width, measure, mark, and cut front strap fabric pieces in 3 1/2 by 36-inch pieces.

Step 3: Attach Back Fur to Front Strap

Hot glue or sew the front strap to the faux fur. If you fold the end of the straps that will meet at the hip at an angle before attaching (this is the secret in the aforementioned EPISODE XLII: The Bandolier Secret) the bandolier will sit neatly at the hip.

Step 4: Attach Velcro to Front Strap and Blocks

Instead of stapling the bandolier blocks to the front strap, put strips of velcro on the strap, and a strip of velcro on each block.

Here's an easy way to remember which velcro piece goes where: the soft velcro goes on the fabric strap and the hard velcro goes on the wood blocks.

Cut short lengths of adhesive industrial velcro. A half-inch shorter than the width of your blocks is a good rule of thumb.

Hot gluing the soft side of the velcro to the strapping was necessary; do not rely on the adhesive to hold it.

The velcro sticks pretty well to the wood blocks but we added some staples just to ensure it doesn't easily pull away.

Your bandolier is ready for collector blocks!

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