Velcro Bike Smart Phone Holder


Introduction: Velcro Bike Smart Phone Holder

                                                         BICYCLE SMART PHONE HOLDER
PARTS NEEDED....   1) 2 Blank Black ( no rectangular hole for switches ) plastic, nylon, or metal switch plates
                                    2) box of Velcro strips
                                    3) bracket for clear front facing reflector
                                    4) a smartphone ( android or Apple i-phone )
                                    5) add some apps ( MY Tracks, GPS etc...etc..)

PROCEDURE            1) attach Velcro ( 3 strips of HOOK ) to one of the switch plates
                                    2) attach Velcro ( 3 strips of LOOP ) to the back of the smart phone ( don't cover camera )  
                                    2) drill holes to attach one of the plates to the mounting bracket
                                    3) bolt the whole thing together and mount on handle bars.




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    2 Discussions

    Simple Design-Well done! I'm going to give it a shot.

    Thanks for the idea. I'l be using Velcro now to mount my phone.