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Introduction: Velcro Vehicle Cargo Stabilizer

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Did you ever notice that as clean and organized as you try and keep your vehicle, there is always something in the trunk or cargo space that wants to slide around every time you start, stop or turn?

For me is it a roadside emergency kit, the one that has some basic tools, road reflector, jumpers cables, etc., but this solution can be used for most anything. I might also add that this works only if your trunk or cargo space is carpeted.

Introducing the aluminum angle Velcro attached load stopper thingy. Let just make some and you’ll see what I mean!

Step 1: Material and Tools

A length of 1”x1”x1/16” aluminum angle, I picked this up at Lowes for around $4.00. I also got a package of 12 Velcro sticky back square sets for around $3.00. You will also need some rubbing alcohol to clean the metal.

Tools are pretty easy, just a hacksaw and file (or grinding wheel if you have one).

Step 2: The Ones and Twos of It

First thing to do is determine what size stoppers you want. I figured I would go small and make more of them, but if you go larger, you can get the Velcro in larger strips that would fit better.

Second, cut the aluminum; I marked and cut several pieces of the angle at approximately 1” long.

Third, use your file or grinding wheel to smooth off the edges of the cut metal.

Fourth, clean the metal well with rubbing alcohol to remove any manufacturing oils and let dry.

Finally, take the hook side (generally the hard side) of the Velcro square and stick it to the outside of one side of your cut angle. It might be prudent to test the Velcro first to make sure it will stick to your carpet….maybe this should be step one…

Step 3: Now That Your Junk in the Trunk Is Stable....

This device is meant to be a stabilizer for small or lightweight objects sliding around only, be sure to always secure loads in the trunk or cargo space securely, but as a 10 minute fix to a nagging problem, I think this is a pretty good one! I have been using these for 3 months and have not had one fail yet.

Feedback is always welcome and thanks for checking out my Instructable!



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I have a Corvette with a big area under the hatchback where I stuff things for road trips. Those loads are always sliding all over the place when I'm cutting hard corners. I'll give these a try. Maybe longer cut rails with a bungee around all the rails to sort of hold it all together.

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I like the bungee idea, I think that would help a lot. Not sure if these are Corvette rated though!! Thanks!

Very nice! I have some that came with my car but I could certainly use some more and these look like the ticket.

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So those car guys are stealing my ideas?! I had never seen them before but I really am glad they exist, they really are useful. Thanks.

Yes indeed...they are always coming up with my ideas, too :P

Volkswagen has a trunk organizer kit that has several corners that Velcro onto the trunk carpet.

I like this simple idea so much, I had to create an account to comment. I have some angle and Velcro already, so I have a great project for the afternoon. Thank you!

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Thanks so much, this is what I think Instructables is all about. Welcome on board and hope to see some of your work soon. Post a picture here if you make any!!