Velcro Building Blocks Made of Cardboard

Introduction: Velcro Building Blocks Made of Cardboard

children's building blocks fall over too easily and buildable structures are limited due to lack of block connections

Add velcro

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Step 1:

Purchased from "tempe sales"
5 yards hook velcro ( circle ), $1.50 a yard
5 yards loop velcro ( rectangle ), $1.50 a yard
cardboard boxes $0.25 each from craigslist

Step 2:

Ask for advice/suggestions from others(Mitch is good).
About 1 in 5ish people will have some good modification ideas for you project.

Step 3:

Cut velcro
good and plentiful tools make for faster and easier construction

Step 4:

Apply velcro symetrically
make all blocks with the same pattern (this prevents mismatched connection surfaces).
An added benefit of using circular and rectangular velcro is the creation of facilitated thinking.
I tried rotating the image 180 degrees and could not get it right side up

Step 5:

Build something

Step 6:

Strong joints

Remember to twist, not pull to seperate

possible improvements:
use smaller velcro
make corners
fabric blocks with a balloon interior (lighter, stronger, more versatile)

I made it at TechShop:

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