Velcro Quick Change Shirt (including No-sew Option)




Introduction: Velcro Quick Change Shirt (including No-sew Option)

change your style without changing your shirt
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Step 1: You Will Need

a shirt & a little bit of imagination
item you want to attatch
sticky backed velcro (ignore the rest if going for the more 'temporary' no-sew version)
regular velcro
sewing stuff (either needle & thread or sewing machine)

Step 2: Stick or Stitch?

you have a choice here- Stick or Stitch....
Stitch- (more perminent solution)
*cut 'furry ' piece of velcro roughly the length of the object u want to attatch
*pin the strip of velcro to your shirt
*use machine zigzag stitch or hand sew round the edge of the velcro
(stretch the fabric slightly when sewing)

Stick- (temporary shirt)
(i could only find sticky velcro in my house)
*cut 'furry ' piece of velcro roughly the length of the object u want to attatch
*remove backing and stick to shirt
if the shirt is fitted/stretchy (girls) stick the velcro tape white wearing the shirt

Step 3: Choose Your Decoration

even if you sewed the fuzzy strip to the shirt, use sticky backed velcro for this stage
attatch a strip of velcro tape (scratchy/hook side) to your object
press velcro together

Step 4: Useful Tips and Other Ideas

other things to stick...
*attatch hook velcro to the back of vinal cd slip case (or other plastic type envelope)
add picture/post-it/thin item into pocket

*attatch velcro to patches or emblems and apply this method to bags, caps etc making them interchangable

*write individual letters on the back of unsticky velcro cut into small squares
(use tipex pen or white acrylic paint on black or use perminent marker on white velcro)

useful tips-
dont use anything too heavy (noone likes saggy shirts!)
dont use anything irreplacable/valuable (velcro unhooks too!)
remove decoration before washing shirt
(sticky velcro tape will stay stuck in a delicate wash for a couple of washes)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nano-Instructable 1. You are at some event. you win a free t-shirt. you want to change but dont want to get half-naked. what to do? 2.put on new t-shirt over old t-shirt 3. ??? 4 Profit!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    There is iron-on velcro too, for those of us who don't sew but want a permanent solution.