Veleman LCD Scrolling Message Board

Introduction: Veleman LCD Scrolling Message Board

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Step 1: Parts Included

POWERTIP PC1601A LCD screen module Variety of nuts and bolts 2X 6 way male pin connectors 16 way female pin connecter Printed PCB board 100uf electrolytic capacitor 1uf electrolytic capacitor 4x KRS0610 momentry push buttons 14 way IC chip holder PIC16C505 chip Variable resistor 1K 2x 100nf resin bead capacitors 5x 10K resistors 2x BAT85 Zener diode AAA battery holder

Step 2: Solder Resistors on

First you are going to have to solder the 5 10K resistors onto the main PCB.

Step 3: Solder Diodes on

No you are going to need to solder the diodes onto the PCB WARNING! - make sure the diodes go on the RIGHT way!

Step 4: Resin Capacitors

Now you have to solder the resin capacitors onto the PCB.

Step 5: Solder the IC Chip Holder on

Now you are going to have to solder on the IC chip holder WARNING!- make sure you get the notch the right way. Also DO NOT put the IC chip into the holder until you have finished soldering the whole project or you will destroy the chip.

Step 6: Solder the Variable Resistor on

Now you are going to have to solder on the variable resistor onto the PCB

Step 7: Now Solder on the Push Button

Now you are going to have to solder on the push button.

Step 8: Now Solder on the Electrolytic Capacitors

Now you are going to have to solder on the electrolytic capacitor. WARNING!- make sure the longer lead goes into positive in the PCB.

Step 9: Solder the Female Pin Connecter Onto the LCD Module

Now you are going to have to solder the female pin connectors onto the LCD module.

Step 10: Insert the Two Male Pin Connecters

Now you are going to have to insert the two male pin connectors into the female connecter WARNING- make sure you put the pins in the END of the female connecter

Step 11: Battery Holder

Now secure and solder the battery holder onto the PCB.

Step 12: Now Assemble the Two Different PCB and Solder the LCD

Join the two halts and solder them together. (Where the pen Is is where you need to solder!)

Step 13: Insert IC Chip

Now insert the IC into the IC chip holder

Step 14: Finished Thing!

This is the fully completed message board. I am having a few issues at the moment of how to program it but I will get there in the end!

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Could you please upload photos or a video of the finished result?




    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ok! sorry i have hade a few issues with the product but finaly found the issue! i will post the video asap!