Vellman Crawling Micobug

Introduction: Vellman Crawling Micobug

This is a helpful explanation of how to make a vellman crawling microbug!

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Step 1: Material Check

Before starting, you must make sure that your kit contains all of the necessary materials. After everything is inventoried, then you can start making sure that you have all of the necessary soldering materials.

Materials include:

  • soldering iron
  • tip tinner
  • soldering tip cleaner
  • solder
  • helping hands
  • safety glasses
  • blue tape
  • wire clippers
  • plus whatever else you use when soldering

Step 2: Soldering Your Project

For the next step you need to follow the instructions in the label.

Go through it step by step and put the correct materials in the correct spot.

Step 3: Finish

Once you've completed all of the steps this is what your bug should look like! Once you put batteries in it should start crawling towards the light and it also has adjustable speeds.

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    2 years ago

    That looks like a fun project :) Do you plan to make a shell for it?