Velophonic Flute

Velophonic is a musical bike project that encourages cyclists to make their own motion instruments to explore the city with an enhanced ride.

In this project we will use 3D printing to create aeolean flutes that you can attach on your bike. As the wind goes over and into the flute it creates a vibration that can be heard by the biker as an enhanced sound of nature. With aeolean flutes the more the better, so feel free to adapt your files and fit as many as you want in your bike!

You can build it as it is or use it as the starting point of your own motion music instrument. We hope you like it and please, share photos and videos of your version with us!

If you want better resolution, you can download the instructions PDF.

Step 1: Components and Tools

Step 2: How to Assemble the Flute

Step 3: How to Attach to the Bike

Step 4: Video



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