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This coat rack is very easy to make yet it gives a really elegant touch to our hallway. This is just one of the seven that we have and it's a new "version" of the ones that my father made many years ago (you can see them on the sides). 

The base is made with wood. You can cut it and make the shape you prefer, even different ones, I am sure it would create a great new effect on your wall! Don't forget that coat racks like this are very useful and decorative at the same time.
There is a thin layer of foam rubber on the wood to make the whole thing a little softer to the touch and less hard and "sharp".
Unlike the old ones, I chose a one color velvet for this one and decided to decorate it with a dark red and white trimmings that look good with the dark pink velvet I used.
With this project, I started to use trimmings for decorating and not only to hide or as "frames" around things. This is a very simple decoration but you can make any kind of geometric shape with them.

This is one of the first "big" things I have done and I'm very proud of the result! I hope it inspires you to do many other big projects as well! :)

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