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Introduction: Velvet Pipe Case

This is my first instructable, and it shows how I made my velvet lined pipe case out of an old cigar box, some styrofoam, and velvet material. It will probably run you under 10 bucks to make (cigar box- 3 I got at a local smoke shop, styrofoam- 3 I just got some at the craft store, we didn't have any lying around, velvet material-about 5, I had some down in our store room in the form of a halloween cape) Enjoy!

Step 1:

Here are the materials needed

Cigar Box
Velvet Material
Glue (I used elmers spray glue and it worked pretty well, but what ever you have to attach it all together will work.)
Any Drill bit works
Small hand-held saw
Permanent Marker

Step 2: Styrofoam Stuff

So after I cut the large styrofoam piece to a size that fit the box, I used the permanent marker to draw out where I wanted the stuff to go. Then, I used the drill as a router, and because the styrofoam is so easy to work with, I just angled it diagonally to cut out the right amount of stuff out, leaving a little extra around the edges so the pipe would fit with the velvet.

By box also had a block on the left side (I assume for structural integrity), so I just measured and cut that out of the foam.

The big hole on the bottom left corner of the second pic is a space to store the tobacco bag itself. I usually by 1 ounce bags, so it works perfect.

I cut the bowl part down all the way through because that part of the pipe wouldn't fit if I didn't, it's not that deep of a box.

Step 3: Velvet Application

Here, I just eyeballed the cut on the velvet material (a halloween costume cape), and then wrapped it on before gluing, and made sure everything fit. I realized the velvet wouldn't sit flat on the main part, but that kind of gives it a plush, luxurious look. I just tucked it under the foam all around, except for the tobacco storage area, and I just made it go up the walls there. After it fit just like I wanted, I sprayed the glue adhesive stuff on the back side of the velvet, and wrapped it on, pushing the pipe pieces into their respective holes to make sure everything fit, and lined the tobacco storage area and made sure that looked right. Muy bonita.

Step 4: Viola!

There you have it, you are now a sophisticated pipe smoker, and even if your pipe is not 300 bucks (got mine for about 40), it looks luxurious, and will be kept safe. Comments appreciated, because this is my first instructable. Thanks

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    2 Discussions


    11 years ago on Step 1

    Where can I find foam like this? And would I be asking someone for "packing foam" or "styrofoam" or does it have a specific name?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome!! I pretty much have all those supplies already. Thanks for the great idea, I will be making my own.