Versatile LED Lantern




This instructable shows you how to make a very versatile LED lantern. The circuit drives 3 power LEDs for very intense light. The design also charges a 6V Sealed-Lead-Acid battery through AC, 12V solar panel or 12V bicycle dynamo. 

Step 1: Introducting the PCB Board

The design uses a circuit board that I found in one of the local markets being made and sold by a self educated entrepreneur. The board is available on ebay now.

The circuit board has connections for DC9-12V input, battery terminals indicator LEDs and power LEDs. Follow the picture to connect the board with battery, indicator LEDs and switch.

House them in a case of your choice and you have a fantastic LED lantern that turns on automatically when AC power goes or sun goes down. You can get about 10hrs of light time with this setup.

Step 2: Finally

Circuit charges at about 400mA (a little less than C/10) so it needs about 10-12 hrs of AC power to charge the battery fully.

Using a panel over 5W is overkill since the charging capacity isnt higher that. This makes it quite safe so not to overcharge the battery. Its best not to leave the charger circuit plugged into AC for long time either as that could reduce battery life.

I will add tips as i do more experiments with the board.



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    7 years ago on Step 2

    Yeah, this is not an instructable. Your instructions are to go out a buy a premade circuit board. This is an advertisement.


    9 years ago on Step 2


    Its a very nice circuit. Can you kindly add the circuit diagram so we can understand the working of it. I would like to make this a complete DIY and also modify it a bit for more options so a circuit diagram will help a lot. Also the eBay listing has expired do you have any other source to buy it ?

    3 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 2


    Unfortunately, I dont have the circuit diagram since I picked up these boards from a small designer and he wanted to keep the circuit to himself. I realized it was better to get the boards for cheap rather than entice him to sell the design itself. 

    I am going to get it relisted soon. I am in the process of getting more boards. Will let you know when I have it. 

    Where are you from? India?



    9 years ago on Introduction

    Low voltage indication point of this circuit?