Versi-SURGE™ Dynamic Power Management System

Introduction: Versi-SURGE™ Dynamic Power Management System

This is the Versi-SURGE™ Dynamic Power Management system. Watch the video to see how this simple device could impact your life and save both your money and the environment.

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    Axel Xeron
    Axel Xeron

    6 years ago on Introduction

    In response to tgferreira184:
    "How much would a system like this cost?"

    Considering the cost of higher-end power strips which do not have special features, as well as the real possibility of using eco-friendly, recycled materials for its manufacture, it is likely that the system could be sold for a price not far from $50 per unit. This is not much more expensive than your average normal power strip, and you could easily save twice that per month on your power bill, or even more.

    (For some reason, the CAPTCHA does not show up for reply comments on my computer, and I therefore could not reply with this.)