Vertical 2 Stage Composter and Technique for Composting Woody Plants and Thorny Material.

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This shows my vertical 2 stage compost bin. Perhaps it is a new design. Anyway, it has 2 main advantages over the 2 stage side by side compost bins.
1 The fresh compost is high up so gets more heat from the sun to rot faster.
2 When you move material from the top bin to the bottom, there is no great effort, it just falls down!
With the other type, you must do a lot more work to achieve the same end result.
I also show a method to reduce woody material in size.
It is the most effective and easy way I have found so far.



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    At the end of the video, I show using a pruning shears (2 ft handles) to cut up woody material for the compost bin. I did it this way again yesterday. It is so cool! Just using the pruning shears, I was able to clear about 10 ft of thorny blackberry briars that were growing in from my neighbours and it all went into the plastic bucket and got snipped to 4 or 5 inch pieces without any handling! It is great for vine pruning or big dill plants that have gone to seed too. Please try it and get back here with your comments. Brian


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love the whole thing! Great ideas! Great presentation! I hope you'll make more videos. Thanks, steve


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very good instructable. It makes very good sense.