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Introduction: Vertical Bandsaw Table

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I have one of those 6"x9" cut off band saws from China. It did come with a small table that could be used when the saw is in a vertical position. You have to take off a small guard and screw the table on in three places. Even then it wasn't a very nice table to use. I would put a cushion on the vise to set on so I could see the cutting area. So yesterday I decided to stop putting off making something worth using.

Step 1: Stock Saw and Vertical Table

Here is the stock saw and the little table that came with it. The table does have a slot for a miter guide, but a miter wasn't included. Even with the diagonal brace it came with it was pretty flimsy. Plus it took too long to install and remove.

Step 2: Construction

OK, I'm sorry I didn't take pictures as I built this, but I hope the pictures allow you to build one for your saw. The dimensions may vary anyway.


2x4 x 9" (2x) - Base Spacers / Vise Clamp

2x6 x 9" - Table Support

3/4" Plywood, 10.25" x 18" (2x) - Sides

3/4" Plywood, 9"x9" - Seat

3/4" Plywood with Formica, 10" x 15"

#10 x 1.5" Flat Head Wood Screws (20x)

Cuts that matter:

All the 2x6 and 2x4's should be the same length.

The two sides should match.

I ran a corner rounding router bit around all the edges where my legs might touch and also all the edges and corners of the top. I just hate to get splinters!

Step 3: Assembly Steps

1) First I clamped a 2x4 in the saw's vise.

2) Then I set the second 2x4 as far back as it could on the flat vise area.

3) I marked where to put screws on the sides, two screws in each end of the 2x4's.

4) Drill starter holes for flat head wood screws. Do the holes for the top support now too.

5) Screw the sides to the 2x4's making sure the bottom surfaces are level. Easy on the right side, but the left side is hanging out in air.

6) Drill and install the seat now, or wait and add some foam and Naugahide!

7) Align the top support level to the top of the sides and screw on.

Step 4: Installing the Top

8) Hold the top in place and mark where you need a slot for the band
saw blade. I started to cut this with the band saw, but the table saw made a nicer cut.

9) Drill and counter sink the top for mounting to the top support. I didn't counter sink the other holes since the screws will pull in level in the plywood. But here the Formica would crack and you could never get them flush anyway.

10) Hold the top so the band saw blade is in the center of the clearance cut and screw it down.

Extra step: There is a bolt and nut that stops the saw in the vertical position. For just cutting off this doesn't matter. But you can adjust it so the blade it at a 90° angle with the table.

Step 5: All Finished!

So there you go. I finished the real project: Links for a floor fan oscillation drive.

So to install just clamp this table / seat in the saw's vise! No screws at all.

So I hope this helps, wear your safety glasses and have fun.


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