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I moved from a house with a huge back yard to a place with a pretty nice sized balcony.  As much as I love to garden, space was going to be a challenge as well as dealing with potted plants.  I needed my herb garden (because, who doesn't NEED fresh herbs?) but I had no desire for little pots to be taking up ground space. UP!  So here is my lovely vertical garden made from an upcycled wooden pallet, some recycled pots, and metal wire.  The entire thing ended up costing me about $30.


At least 1 wooden pallet
As many pots as you have plants/seeds
Potting soil
Metal wire (i used 100lb wire)
Wire cutters
4 wood screws
Outdoor paint in your favorite color
Paint brush or small roller

Step 1: Make It CUTE.

If you purchase small flowers or herbs from your local nursery or garden center, you know they always come in terrible, cheap, black plastic containers.  So, first thing first...make it cute!  Get different pots of different sizes and colors, throw some potting soil in there and transplant your baby plants to them.  If you are starting from seed, this will bring color to your garden from day one!  The different colors bring life to any garden.

Step 2: Get Some Paint on Your Wood.

While your newly planted seeds rest and take in the sunshine and fresh water, take that old pallet and give it a face lift!  Lay it down and paint it in the brightest color you enjoy!  It is best to find paint that is good for outdoors.  But if you don't want to spend any money on this and happen to have an old can of paint in the closet, by all means, use it!

Side note:  if you are wondering where to get a wooden pallet, your local grocery store will probably be more than willing to GIVE you one.  Yes, just GIVE it to you at no cost as long as you throw it in your car yourself.  Call around your neighborhood stores, I'm sure you can get one pretty easily.

Step 3: Wire Work

While your pallet dries and that wonderful new paint job sets in, take your metal wire and wrap it around each pot several times, three or four times to be sure they will be secure.   Twist tightly at the end and make sure you leave long strands of wire on each pot.  You will need this in order to hang your pots.

Step 4: Get Hangin'!

Bring your pallet to the wall where you want to place it.  Attach it with four screws at the top.  If you have no wall where screws can penetrate, you can always lean it slightly and it will stay put.
Take your pots and decide where you want them placed on the pallet.  Those long ends of wire should be long enough to go around the board you want them on, several times.  Make sure you twist the ends tightly to secure your pot.  Do this until all your small pots are hung.  Feel free to place larger plants around them or on the ground if they were too heavy to hang.  Now, step back and marvel at your work!

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Excellent! I've seen a few "vertical gardens" but this one is very simple and very effective - and very good to look at.

I have a garden that's no bigger than a large balcony, and have to use pots for everything - the garden is surrounded by a wire-mesh fence which is going to waste.

Is there a limit to the size of pot that can be safely used? I tend towrards larger pots, but I suppose that depends on the strength of the support.

Definitely going to put this in my "give it a go" file!

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I haven't tested out large size pots. since this was originally for my her garden, I kept them small. But I started off with ten and now there's 16 pots! Im sure if you manage your wire right, it should hold up. Just as an fyi, the pots can also be drilled on, I used wire on mine so that they would be removable and interchangeable.


2 years ago

what a novel idea...this looks very natty indeed...well done...

This a is fantastic idea! I'm moving into a townhouse with a very small coutyard and this will be ideal! Thanks!

I love vertical pallet gardens. My fiance and I are going to be making a few for our home. I found out that if you coat the pallet in a paint that seals it, you can fill the pallet layer by layer and have your plants stick out the slots. The only downside that I've found is it isn't portable. Yours seems to be easy to move if you need to put it somewhere else. :D Love it. Fav.

I just got a pallet left over from a delivery and I was wondering what I could do with it. I was also looking for a vertical garden piece for my balcony. thanks so much for the idea!

Excellent Idea for my balcony. We have flowers that require shade, and I think it would be easy to add a roof to this arrangement, if required. Holidays coming up, time to build something!

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You can make plenty of these! It was a one afternoon project. Very simple and to the point.

I've tried to but all I get is an email saying they will review my entry and contact me within 48 hours. I haven't gotten a reply. Im new here so not sure how it all works. Any ideas?

drilling pots on sounds good - I'd need to be able to get at the pots for repotting etc, but your suggestion made me htink, I could nest two pots, one fixed to the pallet, the one with the plant dropped into that. thanks!

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