Vertical Pot Stand




Introduction: Vertical Pot Stand

The idea is simple with so many variations. Choose your own to create your own.

Step 1: Pallet Wood Over Older Creation

Pallet wood. The most available and challenging wood, easily found, provides ready beams of various dimensions and thickness.

[The older construction (a bench) helped a lot... by the side...]

Step 2: The Wood Mix

Choose a durable set for vertical posts, 120x10x2cm. As alternative a couple of narrower in a combination of a tandem with a gap along them might give you the same result.

The horizontal shelves could be of lighter beams. Take into consideration the number, the size and weight of the pots, soil and water in it, to avoid bending after some time.

Leave an intermediate hollow, as you save material and it facilitates moving out the pots with your fingers.

Step 3: Side Support

Height is important as you have to reach the pots and flowers. Extremely high may be upturned.

Side support is critical as every connection must be tight, due to numerous pieces. If you add weight, beams, wood you have to add more screws, stronger support beams etc. Keep it as light as you can.

The horizontal shelves are supported on the vertical posts with a 20x5x2cm ends. I chose them put horizontally to provide more support under the shelves (on the 5cm side) instead of the 2cm side.

Use any way you find easier to fix the vertical posts on the horizontal base. This time I preferred two dowels on each foot and double triangular supports outside fixed with screws.

Step 4: Side and Up

Prepare the wood surface accordingly, cut, sand, match, fix at your own pace to have it finished ready to assemble the final stand.

It takes time from dismantling a pallet till having the final result. It is not a day project. ENJOY YOUR WOODWORK HOBBY. And plan your next while working….

Take care of the couple of the horizontal beams, as you have to tame them, same thickness, perfect circle to accept the pot at the same level as the next ones (In the degree it is possible).

Many more practices, jigs and tricks could be followed to make it professional result.

Step 5: Almost Done

A great variety of fixing ideas and combinations are offered to satisfy your needs and your skills on a final result of woodworking artifact. BUT WE ARE AMATEURS and hobbyists…

The result would be a great success for your attempt, the labor and the time you consumed, the skill and art you added. IT WILL BE A PIECE OF PROUDNESS FOR THE REASON YOU CONSTRUCTED IT AND THE DECORATION PURPOSE YOU COVER.

The pot choice

You can choose various pots size, material, color, sitting well in the holes you create.

One under the other provides watering saving, as the surplus water easily drops to the lower one. Overisized pots might make your beams bent a little. Have in mind that water and soil add weight. Also, heavy pots add a lot of weight alone. Prefer plastic light pots. Otherwise you have to support it strongly and moving it will be very difficult, when there is need to clean or take care of them.

Step 6: Standing Colorful


2pcs - vertical posts (120x10x2cm)

8pcs - horizontal beams, (65x7cm) with a 6cm interval. A 20cm wide total] in 4 levels.

2 bases (40x10x2cm) one end wheeled the other rubber heeled.

12 pots (various colors but same size to be interchangeable and easily removed in and out)

2 small wheels and 2 rubber heels

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