Vertical Planter Wall for Under $10




Introduction: Vertical Planter Wall for Under $10

Make a vertical planter wall from dollar store plastic bins or 2 ltr pop bottles.  Maximize your growing space for herbs and oxygen giving green plants.   This is a one hour project to set up and plants are easily arranged.  No special skills or tools are required.  Best in drywall rather than plaster.

You will need 2 screws for each planter, a screwdriver, something to make holes with in plastic ( heated nail or drill) pencil, scissors, cutting pliers are nice for starting the cut.
No matter what happens it will look great when all grows in.  Even better if you paint your containers to match the wall.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I LOOOOOVE THIS! I love in an apartment and it's very small! I'd love a wall planter but they are so expensive! Thank you for posting this!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just wondering how this design and the materials have held up for you over the past year? Have you, or would you, make any modifications to your design? I live in Florida. Plastic containers do not last very long here- I have to replace plastic pots at least once a year. I think that painting them as you suggested would help quite a bit with UV protection. I also wonder if you could lessen the time you spend watering by modifying where you place your drain holes. For instance, on the upper level containers place a drain hole 3/4" from the bottom on the side. Put 1/2 or so of gravel in the bottom of each container. This creates a small reservoir, with an 'overflow' drain. Roots grow deeper (healthier) in the pot, and you wont get root rot. The small amount of gravel should not add too much weight. The bottom water container would just be shifted slightly to the side to catch the water cascading down the side.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thats a very nice a bright idea im defiantly doing this
    thanx a banch i was wondering how 2 make use of the wasted water