Vertical to Horizontal Swiss Knife Sheath Hack




When I went and bought a sheath/pouch for my old swiss army knife, all they had were vertically-oriented ones. I suppose this design is to prevent the knife from falling out or something, but with the long flap, velcro, and snug fit that seems unlikely to happen. I dislike the vertical orientation because it tends to get in the way when sitting and pokes you when you bend.

This simple hack will change the orientation of the commercial sheath from vertical to horizontal. It should also work for other belt-mounted things like cellphone and camera pouches.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Duct tape
2. Double-sided tape (or super glue)
3. Scissors
4. Belt that you regularly wear
5. The sheath in question

Step 2: The Hack

The actual product is quite simple and self-explanatory. You make a strip of duct tape cloth (two or more layers of duct tape that are stuck together on their adhesive sides) that is as wide as the sheath's *own* loop is tall (I used four overlapping layers for extra strength.)

You then thread the strip through the loop and turn it into a new loop using double-sided tape or superglue. You can reinforce the join with more duct tape. When making the loop, wrap it around the belt to make sure you can easily slide it on and off. The new loop is perpendicular to the original one, and horizontally-aligned.

Step 3: Final Product

You now have a horizontally-aligned sheath that is more discreet and won't poke you when you sit or bend. (cats not included)



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