Very , Very Simple Macbook Note Holder




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So Easy And Cheap

No Modifications needed , using no tools , just you Macbook ( pro)
And A Few Other Things

Note : Again No Using MY Digital Camera Cause' is too crap .

And no , it will no damage your macbook .

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Step 1: Materials + Step One

A paper clip , Coin , spool , Etc. ( magnetic )

Your Macbook ( Pro Or Regular )

Your Hand In Conjuction With Your Eyes , Brain , Etc.

Something to be held (Paper , Bill , Notes Etc.) .

Step 1
Hold The Paper With your left hand . in the right or left superior corner.

Step 2: Put the Paper Clip on + Explanation + Enjoy

Put The Regular paper clip , spool , coin or whatever , above the paper , Let the MB do the rest.

Explanation :

This Happens Because The MB uses magnets to activate the "Sleep" Reed switches

Enjoy , Thanks For Your Attention

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I knew it used magnets, but I'd never thought about using it for a practical purpose. Awesome! Like a manual version of Stickies!