Very Berry Lemonade

Introduction: Very Berry Lemonade

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Step 1: Gather Your Tools

You'll Need...
- A Siv (to strain the berry juice)
- Microwave safe bowl (for thawing berries)
- Container with a spout (for holding the juice)
- Frozen strawberries or mixed berries
- Fresh lemons (for juice) or lemon extract/essence
- Sugar/Sweetener
- Ice/lemon slices (Optional)

Step 2: The One With the Microwave

- To make one jar of lemonade you need about 8-9 strawberries.
- Put berries in the microwave safe bowl and put about a cup to a cup and half of water in the bowl (depending on how many berries you have).
- Microwave berries for 2-3 mins (depending on your microwave).

Step 3: Once Berries Are Thawed...

- Once your berries are thawed all the way through put your Siv directly over the container with a spout and strain the juice from the berries.
- Take a fork and start mushing the berries in the Siv to get to the remaining juice out of the berries.
- Once you are sure all the juice is in the container and not the Berries put the Siv with the remaining berries aside.
- You can use the smushed berries for other things (there really good with yogurt and cottage cheese :))

Step 4: Mixing

Real Lemons:
- If your using lemons for the juice you will need the juice of 1-2 whole lemons.
- Juice the lemons and once you're sure you have all the juice you could get pour and mix that into the strawberry mixture.

Lemon Extract/Essence:
- You will need about a t-spoon of lemon extract/essence for your lemonade.
- Pour and mix the extract/essence into your strawberry mixture.

Step 5: Pour and Shake

- Distribute the now lemon berry mixture evenly into two mason jars or glasses.
- Add 2-5 T-Spoons of sugar to each of the mason jars. (Depending on how sweet you like your lemonade).
- Put the lids on the jars and shake well to dissolve the sugar.
> If using jars stirring works just as well.
- Fill the jar the rest of the way with cold water.

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

- You can chill in the fridge if you're not a fan of ice.
- Or you can put ice in it along with a couple slices of lemon, sit back, relax, and sip.

Step 7: Thank You for Reading

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