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Introduction: Very Berry Pi-Case 3000

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Time to unleash your inner-geek and make a tangy very berry Raspberry Pi case - say that ten times fast!

For parts... you're going to need a couple of items to finish the build.

Gorilla Epoxy

Gorilla Super Glue

3mm Fiber Optic Filament

2.1mm Panel-mount Barrel Connector

Edimax WiFi Dongle (you could use Ethernet... but you're going to have to modify the model)

I bought some neodymium magnets a long time ago... they are 6.5mm square by 2.5mm in height. Since you have the 3D model, you can adjust for this however you like.

I also canibalized a couple USB cables for the female/male connectors... and the male/female barrel bits of an old dead walwart. Alternatively, you could use the male USB part from DigiKey pictured.

An exacto knife, ham sandwich, and three magic beans might also be helpful but not required.

The fastest path to completion for a build will be to print the base and bottom of the berry first. Then, end with the body of the berry. Whilst the berry body cranketh away, you can get the fiber optic in place, place the barrel connectors, slap the USB connectors on, solder like a monkey, and adjust how the Rasberry Pi fits. 

One design consideration was how to work-around the massive SD card. I have an adapter that I used to reduce the height of the body. If you make the berry case and send me a picture of it - I'll send you an adapter for free.

Print times are based on a .20mm slice... get it? Slice! It's a Raspberry Pi. Oh... never-mind.

* leaf + stem = 25 mins
* cap = 30 mins
* bottom = 35 mins
* body = 3 hours
* base = 2 hours
* base plate = 30 mins

Here's the model on TinkerCAD. It's fully assembled for display... divide and conquer! Er... print.

If you're interested in setting up your very berry dock as a laptop as pictured - you should checkout the amazing tutorial at Adafruit. There are a couple special cables and an HDMI adapter you'll need.

Else - you can plop this next to your TV and get  your media-center freak-on.

Don't forget the popcorn - my favorite is Chariots of Fire!



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    1 year ago

    Is there a version for raspberry pi 2 model B?

    I did a case in a similar fashion but it was a minecraft redstone lamp that lit up and it was strictly for minecraft pi projects

    1 reply

    Awesome! I'd love to see it... do you have a 3D printer?

    This is a great idea and its looks very well-made. I'm getting a raspberry Pi very soon and planning on making this for it. Is the Raspberry Pi easily removed from this case or more or less permanent?

    That's awesome!

    If you print the lid top-side down it will require minimal support.

    Why don't you post the stls you used to print? The models from Tinkercad all have the case union-ed into a single piece and there is a 3d raspberry pi stuck in there.

    1 reply

    I'll probably do that once I finish fixing a few of the holes created by the overlapping spheres... in the meantime feel free to copy the TinkerCAD model and break the case down into printable chunks.

    For those others who are hunting for the 3D files... the link is sneakily embedded in the text at the top of the tinkercad screenshot.

    1 reply

    Good point... I just added a note to the body - the model is assembled for display. You'll need to divide it into printable chunks. There's a lot going on inside the berry - zoom-in and you'll see what I mean.

    Great project, I like it :D