Very Best Workshop Tip Ever


Introduction: Very Best Workshop Tip Ever

About: I'm Steve Hay and have been involved in Woodworking for over 30 years as a Fine Furniture Maker. Following on from a successful Woodworking Television show in Australia. We decided to form a production compa...

This is one of the Best if not the Best Shop Tip I have ever found.

Equipment: Used Soda Plastic Bottle Heat Gun Glass Jar Has great applications not only in the Workshop but also Kitchen, Office and anywhere you don't want to spill stuff or have it go off!



Step 1:



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    I bet you could use the heat gun to seal the bottle top around a canning jar ring, and give yourself a removable pour spout.

    good tip! keep em coming

    Just watched your video. Indeed, a nice tip! Thanks for sharing.

    Ah, so there was a video. It doesn't show up on mobile devices, at least on my Android phone. Perhaps you could put in a specific link to the video.

    I think something was lost in transit. I don't understand what the tip is... can you elaborate please?

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    The problem is people using the App version of Instructables are not getting your video, only one picture. (I tried on iPad and Windows 10 App, no video). On any browser your tip is great, Thanks Steve!

    should change the title to worst woodworking shop tip. or guess the woodworking shop tip. as far as explaining it better than you have shown it, all i see is a picture of you holding a drink of some kind. of course im old and wear glasses so maybe im missing something. but i will also say it is better than the instructible i have uploaded.

    He's heat sealing a plastic bottle around a mason jar so that the mason jar can be poured as if it had a spout.


    They already sell spouts for mason jars. If you didn't want to wait for it to be shipped or didn't want to drive to get one, then this would suffice. You need a heat gun of some sort and a big enough bottle to begin with though.

    Video is missing on ipad