Very Bright PVC Light




Introduction: Very Bright PVC Light

This light can be used for reading or just to see in a dark room.It can be made into a circuit board,which makes a great homemade gift for the geek in your family.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Here are the materials needed for this Instructable.
.PVC tubing 3/4in. (about 1ft long)
.PVC angled connector 3/4 in.
.PVC Tee connector 3/4in.
.3ft long copper wire
.Flashlight light bulb or LED light (This instructable is really meant to b used with a LED light)
.masking tape or Scotch tape
.a thick rubber band that is tight across two batteries
.rechargeable batteries(AA) and charger (if you use regular batteries please recycle them)
. two brass paper fasteners
.9x11 wooded tablet (optional,to make it a circuit board)
.3x4 wood block (if you didn't get 9x11 tablet)
.3/4 1or 2 metal clips (optional,if you want to make it a circuit board)
.two metal screws

Step 2: Tools

This are the tools needed for this Instructable.

Step 3: Battery Holder

This part is what powers the light bulb or LED light.
1.Cut the copper wire in to thirds.
2. Get your two brass paper fasteners and poke them through the rubber band,on the ends with the fasteners legs out.
3. Tape around batteries so it's nice and tight.
4. Wrap two pieces of copper wire around one leg of paper fasteners on each side.
5. Test if it work by getting a flashlight bulb or LED light and attach one wire to the bottom and the other to the side of the light bulb.If it lights up it works if not something is probably not connected.

Step 4: Bulb Holder

The bulb holder is what holds the bulb,pretty easy.
1.First get your pliers and shape the metal paper clip into a circle, to put the bulb in.
2.Next get the one of the wires from the battery holder, any side and attach it to a part of the paper clip part of the holder.Just to make sure it works.
3.Put the light bulb in the holder,if it light up very good,if not check the connections.
4.Now take the wire off once it works.

Step 5: PVC Time

Now we are going to start working with PVC.
1.Get about 7inches out of the 1ft PVC.And slip the battery holder through the PVC tube.
2.The next step is to slip the bulb holder into the PVC tee.If the top of the tee is to big,cut it off with the saw.
3.Then get the other side of the battery holder's wire that isn't in the PVC take in and slide it through the PVC angled connector.Take the 4-5in. long PVC tube and connect it to the connector,let the wire run through it.

Step 6: Connection

This step is just to make sure everything is in a connection, or connected right.
1.Go ahead and wrap the wire of the battery holder onto the paper clip holder.
2.Once again make sure everything of the system is in connection.

Step 7: The Switch

Here is the last step to our mechanism,the switch.
1.Get you metal something like screws,wrap the wire coming out from the angled connector and tube around the screw.
2.Then screw it in the wooded block or tablet.
3.If you even use the tee at all. take it off ,and make a hole at the bottom.(Circuit people don't have to do it,they just have to wrap the different piece of wire around the screw and screw it in,the tablet.)
Then form a hook shape, warp the new piece of wire around the end of the hook shaped paper clip.Circuit people,screw the metal clips in now you are finished.
4.Now for the people without the wooded tablet,wrap the different piece of wire around the screw,then poke that through the hole you made in the tee.
5.Next, tape the bottom of the screw to the PVC tube.
6.Take a metal paperclip and make a hook shape,wrap the end of the wire to the end of the paper clip.

Step 8: And Finished

Circuit people and non-circuit people finally you finished!
Thank you for reading my Instructable,hope you liked it.
I also hope it's very useful and works for you,another way you can go green.

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    6 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    those bulbs arn't very bright at all, a $0.07 ultra bright led is brighter, cheaper, used less power, and will last longer. where is the eco friendly?

    awsome pie
    awsome pie

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    It is pretty bright in real life but for some reason not in the camera .I also know I should have used a LED light but didn't have enough time to get it,well that sucked.At least I put you could use it in the Instructable,I also was going to use recycled materials,but again not enough time.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    So this would be... a flashlight? Wow. So original...


    11 years ago on Introduction

    You've documented the project very well, we can see clearly how it's made. But the materials you have used aren't very eco-friendly, nor is the power supply. L