Very Easy to Do Dolls Table or Desk



About: Broken devices always have several useful parts,recovering them , we reduce trash ,then we are taking care of the planet

Having a 10mm mdf piece around I decided to make a table dolls by means of the " gardener's elipsis"

Step 1: Defining the Axis and Focus of the Elipsis

In order to maximize the exploitation of the mdf,after marking both central axis I left 3 cm on both sides of the longer axis,the outer sides will be the legs and the inner will be the top of the table

Step 2: Defining the Focus

Take the half of length of mayor axis,transport this length to the point of crossing of minor axis and upper side,and the mayor axis,this point is one focus,procedure the same way to the other side and you get the other focus

Step 3: Drawing the Elipsis

Pinch a pin on each focus ,then with a tanza or thread unite the upper point and the focus,this constant length will let us to draw the elipse,as seen in pictures

Step 4: Time to Cut

Usin a jig saw cut the elipsis, and then you get the top and the legs of the table

Step 5: Fitting the Legs

Make grooves on both legs in order to fit each other

Step 6: Fixing Legs on Top

Mark the place the legs will go,with a 5mm drill bit make 5mm deep groove,with the chisel complete the groove,make it a little smaller than the leg so it fits tigth

Step 7: Fixing Legs As a Desk

Get 4 pins,whit a file or grinder reduce its head in order to let introduce it in the groove,then fix the legs on the new way as a desk



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