Very Easy to Make, But Effective Fuse

Introduction: Very Easy to Make, But Effective Fuse

This is my first instructable so.... this fuse may not reach pro standards but as far as i'm concerned its well easy to make and effective this fuse cannot take much bending as it sets fairly firm


  1. night light candle
  2. general use twine/string


  1. light the candle
  2. wait until there is a small pool of wax about 1cm - 1cm 1/2 melted
  3. blow out the candle
  4. holding both ends of the string quickly start dipping it in the melted wax and running it through until the wax is used up
  5. run the waxed string through your fingers a few times to get rid of excess wax
  6. repeat past steps till length of string required has been coated
  7. hang it up somewhere so it will hang straight
  8. leave over-night
  9. now it will be ready to use

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    You should take some pictures of this setup to include in the instructable. It would really help to illustrate your idea.