Very Funny and Smallest Robot (meshmesh)

Introduction: Very Funny and Smallest Robot (meshmesh)

About: hello i love uavs and robot technology

this is funny project

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Step 1: Theory

So before us talking about robot I want to

talk about theory

First of all I ask myself how this thing will be waking.

And “ rotate each leg forwards one at time then rotate them all backwards simultaneously."

But this way can’t make it walk to right or lift it make walking forward and backword but not perfect

And I use wood stick on the 4 leg with rubber on the end to remove friction


I make the 2 forward servo push a way with a angel first

And the backward servo move then process one done

It is moving slowly but I think to make it perfect

Don’t think this robot will be the same of Boston dynamic’s

This coasted me 20 dollars

the aim of this project

Is testing a new Arduino Pico with ROS

I use Arduino to upload date and make processing on ROS

And using rc control

Step 2: Let’s Build It

we will need this component ……….

4x servo motor 9g

1x Arduino Pico ( it is very useful

1x small bread board

And some jumpers and tools

1x RC and RX (choice)

1x servo driver (choice)

wood sitcs

Step 3: Steps

First make all servo like this and connecting each other

Make sure you connect it correct and wire like this two forward and to backward

Install 4 servo correct like this on breadboard

Step 4:

-Move all wire on the breadboard and cut it with a suitable long to connect it on breadboard

-connect all positive wire with each other and solid it like this

Also connect negative wire with each other and solid it

Cover all wire with heat shrink

Connect positive wire in VCC IN INPUT

And negative wire in GND INPUT in Arduino pico

Like this pic

Step 5: Ok Install Wood Sticks in Each Servo Like This

say hallo meshmesh

Step 6: Control Robot

You have to choice to control :

1- You can control it using RC this is very easy

2- You can control it using ROS

I will explain two way

Controlling using RC

In this way you should have rc to input signal to servo

I using frysky but you can use any transmitter

All servo signal wire connected with rc ch

Enjoy with it ………

Step 7: Using ROS

You will use servo driver and adrafruit 16 ch 12 bit pwm

I will share the way soon and code


Just follow my project…….


Step 8:

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