Very Pretty Criss-Cross Rainbow Loom Bracelet!!

Introduction: Very Pretty Criss-Cross Rainbow Loom Bracelet!!

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Here is the finished one :)

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Step 1: Put on the Bands!!

Ok, so you are going to take your first band and put it on the one diagonal from the middle first row. 

Step 2: More Bands :)

Now, put the next band on the same first row, middle peg directly diagonal from the other side. 

Step 3: MORE BANDSSS!! :D :D

Now, do the same think but an upside down V!!!

Step 4: Do This All the Way Up the Loom!

Do it all the wayyyyyyyy upppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!

Step 5: Hooking the Bands ( Fun Part!! )

Ok, i'll try to explain this in one step..... 
1. Switch your loom so the open side is facing you.
2. on the first row, the peg that is left to the middle peg take and put the on the next row middle peg.
3. do the same on the other side.
4. take the middle band on the middle peg and put it to the next row peg to the left. 
5. take the last band on the first row middle peg and put it to the right!
ok! most of it learned...

Step 6: More Hooking Bands!!

1. Take the left 2nd row peg band that is 2nd to the last band and take it the middle 3rd row peg. 
2.  Repeat on the other side ( right side ) 

Step 7: MORE HOOKING BANDS!!!....!!!!

1. Go back to the second row and on the middle peg take the second to last band and bring it to the 3rd row left.
2. Repeat on right side peg.

Step 8: Repeat Repeat Repeat!!

Repeat step 7 all the way up the loom!! and BTW,... this is what it should look like...


ok, here is how to finish:

1. Switch sides of your loom
2. take the top right side with all the bands and put it on the middle last peg
3. take the left top side and take all the bands and put it on the middle last peg.
4. slip a band through all the mother load bands...

Step 10: LAST STEP!!!!!

Now, RIP ER OF THE LOOM!! Caution: don't rip of too hard or you will break some bands!!

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    I can't make it because I have the newer version and you can't move the pegs. I tried and it came out as a diamond bracelet.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! here is a video to remove the pegs :) I just got a new loom and had that same problem this worked out perfect!!!