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Intro: Very Simple Dremel Belt Sander


This is very simple belt sander for Dremel rotary tool.

Mostly this instructable is just for sharing the idea,

to show some directions where you can start to build your own.


30mm x 30mm x 1.5mm square tubing.

3mm plate 100mm x 170mm and 20mm x 55mm

M5 screws, M5 rivet nuts.

M8 bolts and nuts

Two 20mm x 8mm x1 springs and one 15mm x 6 x 1

Pulley, made from rubber and dremel sanding drum.

2 pcs skateboard wheels. ( 52 x 30mm )

Nut from dremel detailers grip handle ( or similar )

Step 1: Plans... and That


Square tubing works as an arm that holds two skateboard wheels.

I used 52mm x 30mm wheels, with bearings with 8mm hole.

Tension is adjusted simply tilting the arm. Belt tracking is executed with simple arm and tightening screw that

tilts one wheels.

Dremel mounting is made to 25mm hole on the stand, and tightened on its place with nut taken from

Dremel detailer's hand grip.

I used angle grinder for cutting. But i used materials and left desing simple as possible,

so all cuts can be made with dremel cut of wheels too. ( for 3mm plate i suggest something other tool tought )

To bend stand, i grinded groove to the bending line.

Then clamped plate to the vise and bend with arms and wrench.

Step 2: How to Make and Does It Work...

Does it work?

Dremel is made to be use rather higher rpm, it doesn't have much torque.
I have used my sander with 8200, 8220, 3000, 4000 and 4300 models. My conclusion is that, cordless models and 3000 models work nicely. No heating problems. 4000 and 4300 models have "Electronic feedback for enhanced torque and performance" That ingreases torque with lower rpm, but makes motor run much hotter.

Specially with these models, you should use pulley with smaller diameter, and use dremel with higher rpm. (20-25mm)

Otherwise.. i haven't noticed any problems with my dremel belt sander.. and i have used it very much.

Pictures are from my other build.. just to show another way to build your own.

This one has little more parts, but the idea is same.

Actual building can be seen from this video:

I made separate instructable about making the pulley earlier.

You can see it here:

Or watch the video:

Happy making and thanks for checking this out.


Tuomas Soikkeli

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    4 Discussions


    17 days ago

    Great idea! And the perfect amount of detail.

    1 reply

    21 days ago

    Yeah,, great idea friend,,,,,, portable ....

    1 reply
    Tuomas SoikkeliAnandM54

    Reply 21 days ago

    Thank you. I use mine with corded 3000 model too. But, without cord it is little better to use, when you don't need to care is power plug near enough. Just place it where you like.