Very Bland Living Room

Introduction: Very Bland Living Room

We are currently putting new flooring throughout our home, our living room is the last room that needs flooring (paint as well). When that is done, we definitely need to furnish and organize the space. As you can see from the photos, we don't have much of anything. We have an ugly sofa that I covered with a bed sheet, two table stands that are holding our dvd and cable box and a computer desk. Not much at all. I would love to make this space look inviting and cozy along with making it child friendly. We have two boys a 2 1/2 year old and a five month old.

How Ikea can help...
To start off, we definitely need new seating. An ektorp loveseat would look great in front of the window where our sofa is currently at. Poang chair across from where the ektorp loveseat would be gre, with a lindved side table next to the poang chair. A besta burst tv unit, we can definitely store all our dvds and electronics and hide all those annoying wires. Liatorp coffee table in the center of the living room. With some storage baskets to hold my toddler's blocks and legos. A children's poang chair, so he can have some comfortable seating while he plays or reads a book. Putting a hemnes bookcase where the computer is currently at would finally give us a place to store all our books along with our childrens books. We obviously need some shelf's to hold up picture frames so a few lack wall shelf's would be great along with some PJÄTTERYD pictures. My living room will finally be complete. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    OH! First thing turn those two night stands into one entertainment unit. You can use a bifold hollow core door and a bit of trim around the edge, If you must buy a pair new (instead of scrounging) you can cut the other one down to size, just rip a piece of 2"X2' stock down, slide it in the open cut after applying a good wood glue and weight it. You can use the inner legs to mount "L" brackets to support the shelf. With that setup, you will have room for your computer too. Best part is nothing has to be permanent. You can make very economical shelves yourself, make them about 8" wide and install them around 40-48" up from the floor. We built our house and I put this chair rail at 48" and it runs around the perimeter of my living/dining/computer area. It is very handy for displaying 'treasures'. I like it very much. Just get 2"X8", 2"X6" dimension lumber, and 1"X4" use the 2"X8" for the shelf and the 2"X6" supports and the 1"X4" for the backing. Using a power miter saw or a miter box, cut the 2"X6" boards at a 45 degree angle so you have a right triangle. Mount these triangles to the backer board (1"X4") with some really good star head decking screws, screwing in from what will be the backside you only need to put these every 4 FEET or so, tailor it to your wall. Now screw the backer board with the supports to the wall (locate studs, use them) and then simply place your shelf on top and screw into a few of the supports from the top of the shelf. These can be removed fairly easily and you'll have only a few holes from the screws thru the backer board instead of many for mounting separate shelves. You can 'stack" these too so they have the look of a bookcase. Just mount them about 1' apart vertically going up the wall, one two three or more.