Very Cheap&untrustable Guitar Hanger



Introduction: Very Cheap&untrustable Guitar Hanger

I have seen many instructables about guitar hangers, but most of them require some materials and tools, which you may not have. So, I'd wanted to show you how to make a really cheap guitar hanger, without wood cutting and drilling skills. Good thing about this one is that you can hang your guitar anywhere you would like, on a doors, edges and stuff like that. All you need is a bendable foam clothes hanger. They are very crappy for their main function and cost less than 1$.
 I want to warn you that this hanger is not a good analogue of a real one, purchased from a shop. There is some risk that your guitar may fall on the ground any moment. But mine guitars are hanging perfectly and i have saved some money.
Tools you will need for this mini project are cutter and pliers.

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Step 1: Measuring

Take the hanger and remove the hook and two plastic things from the sides. Then measure about 2/3 of the hanger and cut it.

Step 2: Cut the Central Wire

With pliers cut central wire of the hanger. This may be not so simple as it seems :)

Step 3: Bending

Make sure that cutted hanger is long enough to twist around your guitar neck. Attach it to the neck and bend that your guitar is sitting tight. Then put back the hook you have removed, place it in the middle. And finally bend the edges at the angle of 90 degrees.

Step 4: Putting All Together

Put back plastic tips on the edges and basically your guitar hanger is done! Good luck using that!

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