Very Easy to Make Pencil / Pen Holder Using Papier Mache.




Introduction: Very Easy to Make Pencil / Pen Holder Using Papier Mache.

Cool looking pencil stand , which looks difficult , but you will be surprised after seeing how easy it is to make!

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Step 1: Material You Will Need

You will need a :- Plastic bottle ( Big soft drink one) , Newspapers , Glue , and Colors. I prefer Blow pens , because they give a cool airbrush look. You can use other types of colors also.

Step 2: Making the Papier Mache.

Take one whole page of newspaper , and tear it into strips.

Step 3: Soak the Newspaper Strips.

Take the newspaper strips , and soak them into a bucket of water for 4 hours.

Step 4: Shred the Newspaper.

Using your hands , Shred the newspaper into small pieces. You can also use a hand blender.

Step 5: The Bottle

Meanwhile , keep the shredded newspaper bits soaked in the water , and saw the bottle in half using a hand blade or cut it using a scissor. Keep the lower part , and use the upper half as a funnel , because we don't need the upper part.

Step 6: The Newspaper Bits

Coming back to the newspaper bits , put them in a container , preferably a mug.

Step 7: Adding Glue

add a lot of glue on the mixture , and mix it using your hands. After you have fiished mixing , you will have a papier mache paste , and you can use it to create anything.

Step 8: Putting Papier Mache on the Bottle.

Now start the difficult steps . Start putting the paste on the sawed off lower part of the bottle . Spread the paste evenly , and don't use too much force.

Step 9: Finishing

When you are finished , the bottle should look like this , and leave it to dry for 2 - 3 days.

Step 10: Dried Form

When it is full dry , it will look like this. Small cracks will appear , but don't worry about them.

Step 11: Coloring.

Now comes the coloring part. I used blowpens , but you could use watercolors , oil pastels , poster colors etc. to color it . Colour it using your imagination , and There! , you have a cool pencil stand , and in the process , you have learnt papier mache!

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F rishi
F rishi

5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks brother . Rather than buying pen stand we can make our own from recycled materials.