Very Simple April Fool's Joke - Another Harmless Prank One Can Use Nearly Anytime


Introduction: Very Simple April Fool's Joke - Another Harmless Prank One Can Use Nearly Anytime

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This one is fairly simple and very straightforward.

So, you have a bag of marbles and can no longer find anyone that "plays" marbles? Have I got a plan for you !

Step 1: Ingrediants...


One cardboard box, able to hold about 50+ marbles, and also thin enough to fit inside a medicine cabinet.

One bag of marbles, about 50 or more should be enough.

The cardboard box should be completely enclosed with a small flap on the broadest side (front or back) for the opening.

Fill the box with the marbles, close the flap, and place it up-side-down inside the medicine cabinet, carefully closing the door to hold the flap closed (if your chosen box has no flap that extends to the broad side, you can cut one, as illustrated, so you don't have to turn THIS box, bottoms up. . .

Step 2: Execution...

Now that you have the trap setup. It is ready for your snooping relative or friend to come in and open the cabinet door.

This is really great if you know who might do this, and so standing outside the bathroom door, you will hear the marbles hitting the sink; you can yell in "Is everything ok in there?" LOL

They've been CAUGHT SNOOPING !!!



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    the only drawback i see is that most medicine cabinets are over sinks and/or toilets. the marbles could spill into the sink or toilet and down the drain which could result in some major plumbing problems and you could potentially get into a lot of trouble for a seemingly innocent prank. may i suggest a kitchen cabinet instead?

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    I suppose so in older sinks. Even the 14 year old sink we have in my apt. has a non-removable stopper (plunger) in it, and no marble will go down there.

    But yes, there would be sinks like you describe and that would require removal of the trap to get them back.. Not a major problem, but an inconvenience for sure.

    eye cleaning cup? like contacts or like glass eye?

    ( i'd be confused if you said contacts b/c according to your plofil picture you ware glasses)

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    An antique glass cup that one puts "eye cleaning" fluid in....for getting dirt or other particulates out of one's eye....Boric acid was once used for this...

    When I was in my teens, they supplied little plastic versions of these in the Eye wash solution one could buy....I haven't seen it around for a bit (but haven't really LOOKED for it either :-) 

    Ooohhh... I will do this. I have a cousin who looks in everything. I'll put one in every cabinet. I also have an idea for drawers - cut a hole in the bottom, and then attach something to hold the marbles in underneath. When they open it, they will spill out. Of course, you'll have a gaping hole in your drawer...

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    About the marbles in the medicine cabinet, remember to make sure the flap will open when the door does....I had a few failures because I set it up wrong once. With the drawer, you can use the same concept as a jack in the box (especially if you have one that is no longer useful). The "Jack" is just a thin clothed spring so maybe you could rig it under a bag of confetti or something, and when the drawer is opened, the spring is released and ... confetti explosion LOL

    Good idea. I like it better than holes in the drawers. I'll keep in mind to test the medicine cabinet one before I leave it.

    Or if you want you could still put the box of marbles in you're drawer, and attach it to the top of your drawer. Then fold a paper into a V shape, and tape it to the box where the hole is. Then put like a block or something to keep the hole in the box closed until the drawer is opened. Or maybe a thin thread running from the inside front of your drawer to a part in the back of the desk. Some way or another the inside front of the drawer and a separate solid object. Then put it where it would hold the flap up. But if the drawer is pulled open it breaks the thread. Anyway happy pranking.

    *Guest looks into medicine cabinet*

    *Guest opens med cabinet up*

    *Guest yells PEELZ HERE!*

    *Guest hears rick roll*

    *Guest MAD*

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    Well, one only sets this up for when guests are visiting (especially guest you suspect of peeping into your med. cabinet). If you like, you can tape a piece of thin cardboard or a plastic strip to the open-close section, and have it extend about a 1/2 inch above the cabinet (not so it can be seen, but YOU know it is there), and of no one trips the trap; you can hold the flap closed with your strip and open the door safely :-)

    Good one. Used it on Dad with my desk (has a door in it that I use as my 'safe'). He opens it up, gets a cascade of marbles, and I run in, hold an airsoft gun out, and tell him, "Family or not, get out of my safe."

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    I need this for all of the stuff in my room! I have a friend who touches everything I make....

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    Exactly :D He can't enter my room without getting raining marbles and an alarm.

    Hahaha this is great! To further entice, you could leave the cabinet open just a little, maybe with a fake anti-depressant prescription bottle visible.