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Now days, it is easy to buy things in India, like I can get IronMan Mask easily in toy shop.. But arc reactor is still not available.

I did read a lot of intructables for it, but could not get silicon molds and resin casting kit around.

The one I am sharing in this intructable is simple and components can be easily found or bought, I am using a semi transparent cap from wife's night cream. It makes things very easy

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

Arc Reactor

  • 01 : Semi transparent cap ( Diameter : 3 inches ), wait for wife to finish though-es expensive night creams
  • 04 : 3mm Blue diffused Leds
  • 01 : 3v Volt coin battery
  • 01 : Battery holder
  • 1 to 2 Mtr : Brown wire; I extracted it from Cat5e cable ( brown pair )
  • Double side Tape
  • Universal PCB
  • 01 : On / off switch
  • Black Chart Paper


  • Big piece of card board / carton box
  • Paper tape
  • Paster of paris
  • Fevicol
  • Acyrlic paint ( Red and Golden)


  • Soldering Iron
  • Paint brush
  • etc

Step 2: Arc Reactor : Prepare Outer Shell

  • Use a metallic pin or paper clip
  • heat it on a candle flame
  • and make holes on the plastic cap as shown
  • Using brown wire( insulated), wind around each hole

Some of the instruction available, uses PVC sheet and lazer cutter, to build circuit like design inside the arc reactor.

Where do I get the lazer cutter ? I do not have one and not cheap to buy one.

Easy solution, I used black chart paper ( Thicker than normal paper). Simply by cutting and pasting on the cap

Step 3: Arc Reactor : Build It

  • Fix a On/off switch on the cap as shown
  • Solder 2 wires
  • now solder 4 leds, battery holder
  • The leds are in parallel
  • Solder the PCB on to the Switch as shown
  • Cover the back using PVC sheet and use tape to keep it in place

Since the battery is just 3V, I have not used any resister

Step 4: Helmet

  • Print the attached
  • Paste the prints on a cardboard and cut them out
  • Use paper tape to make joins as shown
  • Before we paint the helmet, we will coat the helmet by paste of plaster of paris and White Glue
  • Let is dry for 24 hours
  • use a sand paper to smooth the surface
  • Paint the helmet with Red and golden color

I use white glue in the paint as it gives a little glossy finish.

Step 5: Show Off

Take a selfie and update facebook ;)



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    Mine iron man helmet via pep files . how's it?

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    Hey man you should try using pepakura files. This is mine using the files

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    That's pretty cool


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    nice work dude. turned out nice. the mask was a bonus. thanks for sharing.

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